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Thyristor power controller JUMO TYA 200 series

Target group:

Engineers and technicians who are responsible for the project planning of plants with electrical heating. Employees who are responsible for startup and operation of JUMO TYA 200 thyristor power controllers.


After the seminar the participants will be able to correctly dimension thyristor power controllers, to connect them, and
to start them up.


The seminar provides basic knowledge regarding the correct device parameterization with Automatisierendifferent load types. Practical exercises will help to deepen your knowledge of the theoretical part.

  • Load connection
    • Selection of the correct size
    • Single-phase/three-phase load
  • Load types
    • Adaptation of the power controller to different types of loads: IR emitters, MoSi2 and SIC heating elements
    • Smooth operation of heating elements, e.g. with R-control
  • Functionalities of the power controllers
    • Phase-angle control and burst firing mode
    • Soft start and current limiting
    • Load and partial load failure control
    • Firing pulse inhibit
    • Reduction of energy costs with load optimization
    • Subordinate control loops: Stabilization of the output value due to U-, U2-, I-, I2-, and P control.
  • Practical session
    • Workshop for startup of actuators


Practical training in electrical engineering.

Follow up trainings:



Manfred Schleicher

Trainer Sensor- und Automatisierungstechnik

Booking Number:

JK 709000

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Thyristor power controller JUMO TYA 200 series Seminar on request on request on request on request