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3 days in compact form: Measuring. Controlling. Recording.

Target group:

Beginners in the field of measurement and control technology. Experienced employees responsible for the installation and startup of RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, controllers, and paperless recorders.


After the seminar, the participants have a solid grasp of the measurement and control technology field as well as measurement data recording. They will be able to install the devices as well as to configure and handle typical applications.


RegelnThe seminar provides the basic principles and further information on the most important measurands – temperature and pressure – as well as on their control, data acquisition, and data management with the proven JUMO products.

  • General information
    • Input and output signals for measurement, control, and recording technology
  • RTD temperature probes and thermocouples
    • Basic principles and general information for application
  • Pressure transmitter
    • Basic principles and important information for application
  • Transmitters
    • Startup of two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire transmitters
  • Compact controllers
    • Configuration and operation of the devices
    • Optimization of PID controllers (continuous controller and two-state controller)
  • Paperless recorder
    • Configuration of data recording
    • Evaluation of measurement data using evaluation software PCA3000
    • Transfer of recorded measurement data via data carrier and interface with JUMO PCC communication software
  • Practical session
    • Implementation of numerous workshops
    • Startup of exemplary sensor and device technology 


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Technical training.

Follow up trainings:



Maximilian Wenderoth

Trainer Sensor and Automation Technology


Manfred Schleicher

Trainer Sensor and Automation Technology

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JK 700080

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3 days in compact form: Measuring. Controlling. Recording. Exclusive training on request on request on request on request