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Control technology for practitioners

Target group:

Employees involved with startup, maintenance, and repair who require practical information on control technology.
Engineers and technicians involved in plant planning. All employees who would like to refresh their knowledge of
control technology.


After the seminar the participants will be able to select a controller that suits their control process and to configure,
operate, and optimize this controller.


RegelnThe seminar provides the basic principles of control technology in a practical manner. Included are extensive workshops, which fill more than half of the seminar time.

  • Basic principles of control technology
  • Types of control processes
  • The PID controller with continuous output and its control parameters Pb, rt, and dt
  • Influence on the control response by Pb, rt, and dt
  • Optimization methods
  • Working with two-state, three-state, modulating controller, and position controllers
  • Control loop structures (cascade control, disturbance feedforward control, etc.) and other controller functions
  • Extensive workshops on the above topics and further on:
    • Ratio control
    • Controllers with direct control direction
    • Optimization of a controller for disturbance behavior
    • Processes without self-regulation and processes with exclusive delay time
    • Operation of non-linear processes
    • Split-range operation


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Basic knowledge in the field of automation technology.

Follow up trainings:



Maximilian Wenderoth

Trainer Sensor and Automation Technology


Manfred Schleicher

Trainer Sensor and Automation Technology

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JK 700010

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