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Flow measurement technology

Target group:

Employees in the area of plant engineering, maintenance, planning, or similar who are responsible for the startup and
maintenance of these measurement methods or who are planning the dimensioning of measuring points.


After the seminar the participants will be able to assign the measurement methods offered by JUMO to the requirements of the measuring point, to start up the respective devices, and to carry out a safe measured value recording.


The seminar covers the basic physical principles of the different measurement methods as
well as the layout and startup of the devices.Durchfluss

  • Physical basic principles
    • Flow types
    • Flow calculation
  • Setup and operating principle of the measuring devices and methods
    • Electromagnetic flowmeters
    • Differential pressure method
    • Paddle-wheel flow sensors
  • Dimensioning and accuracy
    • Layout of the device size
  • Connection types and signal evaluation
    • Impulse frequency output
    • Analog output types
  • Practical session
    • Workshops for startup and measurement data evaluation


Basic technical knowledge.



Maximilian Wenderoth

Trainer Sensor- und Automatisierungstechnik


Manfred Schleicher

Trainer Sensor- und Automatisierungstechnik

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JK 400020

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Flow measurement technology Exclusive training on request on request on request on request