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Configuration and operation of JUMO compact controllers

Target group:

Employees who are responsible for startup and operation of JUMO compact controllers (JUMO diraTRON, JUMO dTRON 300, JUMO DICON touch, and JUMO IMAGO 500).


After the seminar the participants will know the most important functions of the controllers, will be able to operate
the devices, and can set up typical configurations.


RegelnThis seminar provides basic knowledge about JUMO compact controllers with only a minimum of theoretical input. The following topics will be covered in the seminar through product introductions and practical workshops:

  • Mounting and connection
  • Configuration of the devices as two-state and continuous controllers using the device front or the configuration program
  • General information about the configuration programs (connection assistant, device manager, diagnostic possibilities, etc.)
  • Manual and automatic mode as well as autotuning
  • “JUMO Startup” function to record the control response
  • Important functions (limit value monitoring, binary functions, ramp function, math and timer function, etc.)
  • Level concept and user level
  • Working with texts
  • Practical session: extensive workshops on the device


Basic technical knowledge and knowledge in the field of automation technology.

Follow up trainings:



Maximilian Wenderoth

Trainer Sensor- und Automatisierungstechnik


Manfred Schleicher

Trainer Sensor- und Automatisierungstechnik

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JK 703500

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Configuration and operation of JUMO compact controllers Exclusive training on request on request on request on request