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Using cascade control

Target group:

Users who want to implement cascade controls or who want to learn more about the topic.


The webinar conveys the reasons for introducing cascaded control loops and
demonstrates their startup using examples.Pikto Regeln

  • Structure and operating principle of the cascade control
  • Reasons for the introduction of a cascade
  • 3 examples of cascade control
    • Control of the heating rod temperature proportional to the output level of a controller
    • Application of cascade control in a steam-powered flow heater
    • Timing elements distribution of a control process to several control
    • Cascade control summary and multichannel systems from JUMO


Participation is free of charge and straightforward. All you need is a computer with an Internet
connection and a phone or headset for the computer.

Follow up trainings:



Manfred Schleicher

Trainer Sensor and Automation Technology

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Using cascade control Webinar recording 1 Hour free